What is freelancing: how to work for yourself?

A freelancer is your own boss and subordinate rolled into one. What professions are suitable for this type of work, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and how do you go to work from home?

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The advancement of the Internet has made it possible for some categories of employees to reduce attendance at the office and even switch to full teleworking.

Freelancers are hired by companies or individuals to perform specific, one-off, one-off tasks, and sometimes for permanent work. In this case, the employee may be in another city or even in a different country.

Who can be self-employed?

The term “freelance” consists of two English words: “free” – free and “lance” – tip, spear. This is what they called “free spearmen” in the Middle Ages, or free mercenaries who chose whom they served. They were usually rented for short periods, such as during a campaign, during a siege of a fortress, or to protect a trade caravan.

Today, it is a label for professionals who carry out their work without concluding a long-term contract with an (self-employed) employer.

Freelancers are also employees who are invited to the company to perform a specific task (project) as part of the outstaffing system (releasing an employee from the company’s staff and employing him with a service provider while continuing to work). in the same place and performs its previous functions).

The most common remote workers are:

  • Programmer;
  • designers and journalists;
  • Accountant;
  • Translator;
  • photographers and artists;
  • editors;
  • lawyers;
  • psychologists and trainers;
  • estate agent ;
  • traders;
  • Actor;
  • models.

Among freelancers you will meet both highly qualified employees and students. This type of work is chosen by people who prefer to be responsible only for their own work products and are not dependent on other employees and organize their time and work schedule as they see fit.

Salary as a freelancer

Of course, it is better to simply make an appointment with the client and receive the money brought with you in cash or by bank transfer.

However, if you choose a freelancer, remember that remote work counts as you often don’t have the opportunity to meet the client in person and often have to rely on the employer’s word of honor. Avoid unreliable payment methods to avoid problems receiving payments. These are methods that make it possible to withdraw a transfer (invalid or chargeback).

On specialized sites for freelancers (so-called freelancers sites) it is often possible to get money using secure payment methods (trust accounts). Of course, websites also cannot guarantee 100% avoidance of scammers, but they avoid such problems in most cases.

How to become independent?

You can compare this job to starting your own small business.

Choose the services you will provide

Better to choose a freelancer job that interests you. First, you must love your job. But even in this area, you must first have the necessary skills and achievements.

Determine your benefit and price

Why should your customers work with you? Novices lure customers with low prices. Experienced freelancers have experience. Familiarize yourself with the offers of other employees, compare them with your skills, and set the price of your services on this basis. Identify your strengths and focus on them when communicating with customers.

Create a portfolio

This is a list of your works, based on which the client decides whether to work with you. What if you have nothing to show? You have to do some work for free or for a small fee. If you ask for a small fee, finding a customer is usually not a problem. And as the amount of work done increases, the cost of services may increase.

Prepare additional tools

You must have all the necessary tools for remote work. Get ready for computer, internet, phone, email, skype and get e-wallets to receive fees.

Find orders

If you decide to be self-employed, it is better to look for your first jobs while you are still employed. Do it through friends and fairs. Leave your contacts on the Internet and offer services. As you work, your list of useful contacts will grow and customers will find you with their friends and recommendations.

Some customers will also contact you. You can find a remote job on Work.ua by selecting the type of remote job in advanced search.

Don’t forget about taxes

Remember that all income is taxable. Therefore, if self-employment is your main source of income, you should register as an FLP. At the same time, you can also receive payments by bank transfer, which will expand the circle of potential customers.

Remember that such work does not mean that you will have more free time. As a rule, you have to work as much, or even more, than in a permanent position. You also need to be very disciplined and love your job.