How to make money on Tik-Tok – TOP methods of monetization

The number of weekly users of Tik-Tok exceeds 40 million. This application is one of the most popular in the world: the number of downloads has already exceeded 2 billion. Hence the answer to the question of whether Tik-Tok can be monetized. sure: of course! No worse than other social networks. Today we will tell you how to make money on Tik Tok: we have prepared detailed instructions for you.

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Tik-Tok does not have an official affiliate program like YouTube. This means that you are not paid to view. Before that, there was an unofficial affiliate program: bloggers signed a contract with a social network and received bonuses for views. Bonuses can be converted to real money. As of January 2020, this option has disappeared. Will there be in the future? No official announcements.

How to get paid for tik tok

If you are serious about monetizing your TikTok profile, we have good news: free video coverage is waiting for you, any of your videos can be included in recommendations, and you can find interesting ideas and interpret them yourself – even just by these popular hash tags . You don’t need to find anything fancy. Below are some real ways to earn money with Tik-Tok.

1. Direct advertising from your Tik-Tok profile.

Advertising is the main way to earn money on any platform. Tik Tok is no exception. It just works: You recruit other bloggers on your profile. A blogger builds an audience, you earn. The format of the announcement can vary from a live mention to a linked story. Disposable or reusable. Either you work from a ready-made model provided by the client, or you improvise: it all depends on the specific situation.

We recommend that you start selling your ads when you have over 10,000 subscribers.

There is no limit to the number of direct ads you can publish to your account. However, you should limit yourself to 5-10 ads per month. Let’s be honest: audiences don’t like advertising and are fed up with it. Unsubscribing is not an option that we would like to get.

How Much You Can Earn: It all depends on the number of subscribers and your advertising niche. The starting price is 500 UAH for one referral. In the initial stage, advertising may be barter-based: they advertise the new blogger and advertise you. A great way to build an audience.

The advantage of direct mail is that there is no sales limit. The more followers you have and the higher your conversion rate, the more you can earn.

2. Become a key brand ambassador

This option is not for beginners: brands offer bloggers collaboration with solid followers and a popular account. All this is done on the basis of an official contract: for a year, two or more.

Who is a brand ambassador? This is a person who officially represents a specific company on social media. In our case, on Tik Tok. This means displaying the brand’s products in your videos and live broadcasts, using thematic hashtags, participating in promotions, etc.

The Ambassador does not sell directly. Their main task is to draw attention to the brand and retain the audience.

Large companies are also interested in working with bloggers. For example, Coca-Cola. Do you remember the advertising campaign for the drink “Sprite”. With the help of 37 blogger ambassadors, the brand introduced the hashtag #freshanswer. Beacon videos went viral and helped the company increase sales.

How Much You Can Earn: Working directly with brands is one of the most profitable ways to earn money from Tik Tok. Monthly payouts range from $ 300 to $ 3,000 or more depending on the popularity of the account and individual conditions.

In addition to earning opportunities, the status of an Ambassador offers a number of other benefits. You can get personal discount coupons, free branded products and be the first to try new products.

How to become an ambassador? Typically, brands are looking for bloggers to collaborate with and rarely honor incoming requests. So work on your personal brand, build your profile and expand your audience. And if you really want, make a list of brands you want to work with and send them your offer.

3. Promote your own products

You can earn money from your skills as a psychologist or lawyer, dentist or pastry chef. Tik-Tok always has free niches to help you earn money. Share useful recommendations, news, expert opinions in videos.

For example, if you bake cakes to order, show the public part of the process, tell them how to choose products, give tips for decorating the products. Then direct viewers to your Instagram page, where they can ask specific questions, place an order, buy a course, and more. Tik-Tok is the perfect social network to promote your information business.

4. Live monetization on Tik-Tok

Live streaming earnings are available to users with over 1,000 subscribers. There are two monetization options: advertise your goods / services live stream or earn money with coins. Now let’s explain.

The first option is similar to advertising on your profile. The only difference may be the transmission format.

This is how it works in practice: you broadcast on a topic that corresponds to the advertised product. When broadcasting, you demonstrate the product and give a review or mention it in some other way. It depends on the advertiser’s request.

How much can you earn: For live advertising they pay an average of 1000 UAH. The better the profile stats, the higher the bids.

The second way – earning coins – is unique to Tik Tok. During the live stream, viewers can buy coin stickers and give them to the blogger. The blogger receives 80% of the cost of the sticker on his account. And then – he can withdraw real money.

How Much You Can Earn: The minimum withdrawal threshold is $ 10. 100 pcs costs $ 1, 1 sticker costs 10 pcs on average. Therefore, your earnings are directly dependent on the number of stickers donated.

The record holder in earning money from Tik Tok’s live broadcast is a Chinese named Meng Lei. He made about $ 167,000 in streaming games.

5. Advertising goods and services

Everything is simple here: movie advertising about customers (product reviews, service reviews, etc.). We can provide you with a specific pattern / text. Or leave it to you. The only difficulty here is finding advertisers.

If you have a sponsored profile (at least 10,000 followers), advertisers will find each other. Advertising requests from interested companies will be sent to you in a private message: Just filter out inappropriate applications.

Little followers? No problem. Place the offer of your services on advertising exchanges or in thematic groups (they are in the same UK). This method is ideal for finding your first apps. Yes, working together will not generate millions initially. But everything has its time.

How Much You Can Earn: It all depends on the number of subscribers and your advertising niche. The average price range is 300-5000 UAH for a movie. Foreign tickers have higher bids: from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 per million views.

As with other bloggers’ ads on your profile, don’t overdo the number of promotional videos. 5 to 10 messages per month are enough. If you are promoting both advertising bloggers and goods / services, 5-10 advertising posts should include both options.

Companies and brands often offer regular collaborations (if they like the outcome) to the bloggers they bought the ads from. For example, you may receive monthly advertisements. Ideally, you should become a brand ambassador.


Should we get paid for TikTok? Yes, if you love this social network and want to spend time, effort and ideas on the content. Earning money here is a little easier than on Instagram, which is saturated with bloggers: many niches are still open. But please don’t resort to cheats and other “quick monetization” methods: this way you won’t earn anything and your account has every chance of getting banned in the shadows.

You can combine multiple earning methods. Especially at the beginning. And over time, present yourself as an expert by building a personal brand. It is not the fastest way, but it is by far the most efficient. Good luck!